QUICKTHINKING! Improv  has been truly lucky to have had such POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE, AND FUNNY students!

Here are some testimonials:

"I look forward to my next QUICKTHINKING! Improv  class - the second the previous class ends. Although John Swist's class has provided me with the confidence I needed and desired in order to perform in front of others (which is why I joined in the first place), it has given me so much more. This class is not only a great way to meet great people, it has enabled me to work on and better my communication skills, my ability to give and receive feedback - but more important than anything - it provides me with 2 hours of pure fun and laughter. QUICKTHINKING! Improv  has never been awkward or uncomfortable. John makes sure of that by "breaking" the ice before you even realize there is ice to be broken. Before you know it - you are surrounded by people, whom you now know by name - laughing. Besides, is there truly anything better or rejuvenating than a good, hard laugh? Not in my book. There is no question in my mind that any and every person would take something they can apply to their everyday life from taking his class. Whether it's improv comedy you are looking to get into - or get better at, improving communication skills, thinking on your toes, making new friends - or you just simply need to laugh.. his is the place to do it .. no question .. no kidding."
- Nicole S., MTV/VIACOM

"My wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I impulsively blurted out "an improv class". I didn't think she'd take me seriously but sure enough, she got me a 10-week session with QUICKTHINKING! Improv . At first, I was more than a little afraid; after all I'd never done improv before. My fears were quickly dispelled that first night. John Swist, the director of QT! Improv  quickly put everyone in the room at ease. There are many ways to describe John. He is honest, intelligent, enthusiastic, encouraging, giving, generous, a persistent positive thinker and good-finder -but most of all, he's just plain funny. His mottos for his classes are "we are a team" and "it's okay to make mistakes". I am 42 years old, but before I knew it, I was playing improv games and laughing like a kid. If you want to explore the world of improv or just want to meet some really super people and have a blast in the process, I recommend you take a QUICKTHINKING! Improv  class. They say that laughter is the best medicine. If that's true, then John Swist is one of the best doctors you'll ever meet!"
- Joe R.

"I've been taking John Swist's QUICKTHINKING! Improv  class for almost two years, and I still learn more everytime I attend. This is the real deal, folks. Forget your pre-conceived notions about what it takes to be a good improviser. John has built a philosophy of teaching around the values of teamwork, being supportive, and staying positive. You don't think you're funny? You have no confidence? Don't worry about it. As long as you put the effort in, the classes at QT! will help you grow and evolve in ways you never throught possible. It never ceases to amaze me how John will tirelessly endeavor to bring out the very best in people. It happened to me, and I've seen it happen to many others!"
- David G.

"I'd been searching for an improv class for about six months when I inadvertantly came across John's class on craigslist. In other classes, I'd felt intimidated by the talent or startled by how seriously the students took themselves. I immediately felt comfortable in QT! Improv . Soon, what started out as a way for me to work on my spontaneity, evolved into a weekly ritual in learing to laugh at myself. I learn so much from my classmates: it's so inspiring to see a diverse group of people come together with the sole purpose of making each other laugh. Improv has taught me that often times the accidental incidents are the most meaningful - and funny - moments. This class hasn't just been a great way to end the day, but a lesson in how to live my life."
- Alicia S.

"I've been a part of several well-known acting schools during my 4 years in NY, and when I found John's class, it brought together the things I love about performance (community, honesty, passion, fearlessness, fun, connecting with others, taking risks, being vulnerable) without out some of the other stuff that goes along with the classes (seriousness, nervousness, stress, fear, anxiety, choosing safety over a good idea....). John is a great teacher because he encourages us to play, and in that way we find our best work. John is the most encouraging acting teacher I have ever worked with and always reiterates that there is no failing in improv. I love going to this class once a week because it is my guarenteed night of hysterical laughter. If you've never done anything like this, it's a great place to start. And if you have, it is a gem of a finding!"
-Jen G.

"From the moment I sampled John's QT! Improv  class I knew I had found an excellent place to learn, socialize, and perform. I was immediately struck by the large number of talented, smart, and creative people in the class -- none of whom "perform" for a living (some of us are lawyers, computer graphic designers, and social workers) - but all of whom bring great energy, wit, style, experience, and innovation to the class. John is an excellent teacher/mentor. He comes well-prepared with various exercises and games, but welcomes input and readily takes suggestions. His feedback is always constructive. John tends to teach by example -- making most of us laugh with his excellent humor - but he does not "show off". John has also been generous with his time outside of class, and corresponds on almost daily basis with class members via email on the QT! Improv  Yahoo group. Unquestionably, Wednesdays have never been more fun and inspiring. Thank you, John (and fellow class-mates!)."
- Jonathan G.

"I decided to try John Swist's QT! Improv  class because I needed a challenge.. an outlet for my creativity. I got exactly what I wanted. It's amazing how boring and monotonous NYC life can become if all you do is work, eat, and sleep. The short time in class each week gives me a chance to forget about my troubles, relax, laugh, meet people, stretch myself and have fun doing things that I enjoy."
- Rachel W.

"Taking the QT! Improv  class has honestly and truly been one of the best decisions I've ever made. The classes are really a blast - it's nice to have somewhere to go each week where I can forget about all my problems and just have fun. John's an amazing teacher and a super guy who makes sure the classes are fun but also very instructive. The other students are incredibly cool, nice people and I've made some very good friends. Because I had no experience in comedy or theatre, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be funny or experienced enough to do improv comedy. But everyone was so friendly and support and John did such a great job of making me feel good about what I was able to do that I quickly found myself doing things that would have been unthinkable to me only weeks before. I'm definitely more confident, better at speaking in front of people, etc., but I think the biggest benefit of the classes have been that I'm much happier and become a much more positive person than before!"
- Steve V.

"I have been having so much fun at QT! Improv . The class is a brilliant combination of laughter and learning. John Swist provides a place where anyone can get up and go for it. The level of community that John creates within the group is one of the things that make this class unique"
- Meryl R.

"John, if I haven't said it before, I'll say it now! You, and your QT! Improv  class, ROCK! From the moment I walked into the class, John's comforting and guiding hand made the scary prospect of taking the stage for the first time a cinch. Now, after a year of classes, I'm still impressed when I see how he allays each new student's fears and encourages them to challenge themselves and take risks on stage. The level of comfort and trust he creates in the class breeds familiarity and friendships among the students: something I didn't experience at Upright Citizen's Brigade. I've now been on stage several times now with people who have done this stuff for years longer than me and I find it so cool to see how what I've learned in John's class is dead-on. I'm up there and feel that I'm not just keeping up, but I'm adding to the scenes too! If you've ever watched "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and said "How do they do that!?", well, with QT! Improv , you can find out!"
-Dave E.

"I have truly learned so much through taking these classes-the people are great, and John provides such great encouragement. Its a place to just let loose and be creative. I love the fact that it makes me listen more carefully, live in the moment, and just be more reponsive and more aware. I really think this type of experience is something you take with you in everything you do, in all your interactions with people. But more importantly, its a lot of fun!"
- Anthony B.

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